Friday, March 27, 2009

we are real in the cosmos and we feel so cosmic tonight

here is a picture of my friend and most favorited actor, nicolas cage or as i like to call him "nicolage", in a new movie in which he is playing a high school goth kid who sometimes fucks a fat ren faire girl. it's called "the hobo matrix". lookin forward to it!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

hobo shanties here i come

hello m yloyal fans -- i apologize for not updating more but with the kid, and the job, it's been a hard time. well not anymore! it is true. time magazines former man of the year is no longer with teh nfl networks. $1 billionz from directv and they can't spare a lousy $5 mil for moi!!! FUK THIS. and then i find out that mnf is re-upping kornheisers contract today! knorheiser! that dude is the fucking worst! i once, no shit, punched him square in a balls and still he wouldn'tshut the fuck up about tennis metaphors, or maybe it was about cary tennis, or tennis shoes. who knows, i just know it sure as shit had nothing to do with my question, "what do you think the bears are going to do this season eh?"

brb i need more bourbons. gaah! maybe i'll become a novelist, i heard there is a competition in november every year called nannerpuss. if that asshole jason elam can write multiple novles as he points out to me ALL THE TIME that he is a published gentlmen of letters, anyway if he can do it i can be the next michael crichton.