Thursday, July 15, 2010


I ran out of cat food though, but he seems to liike this better anyway! His name is Purrman Munson. I figure once I get sick of him, I'll cook him.

Do u remember the time (when we fell in love!)

I logged in this morninga fter a long disclourse from the internet - I have been so busy being the most improtant man on ESPN and on Twitter. You can follow men here: @adamschefter. That is where I put my Brett Favre alerts!

Anyway I acthually logged in because I thought it would be importyant to update everyone on some very important news, more important than me being on ESPN (because it is terrible, do you know how much of a fancy boy LeBron is? Ugh. And they don't even have free donuts, and sometimes expect me to go to CONNECTICUT which is just shit, to be totally fair). Do you remember our SASSIES BOY IN AMERICA contest? We might hold another one because it gets you places: our winner, Max, is now a prominent intellectual on the internet! Please read his work about devils in our society here: And comment on it to make him prouder and more confiendet!

Anywahy that is it, I hope you are all doing well and watching ESPN to see me! Except don't turn it on whn Around the Horn is on - that is the worst thing I've ever seen at all, it is even stupiderr if you witness them doing it in person.


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