Monday, March 26, 2007


holy crap I just saw a light pole colapse and smash someone's car on
32. Like they were cruising along at like 60ish and BLAM! fuckin'
lightpole smashed through the windshield.

Crazy. I was in the same lane but 4-5 cars back so I had just enough
time to register the fact that something silver was falling from the
sky (honest to god I thought space station first... i dunno I guess I
watch too much t.v.) and get the fuck outta that lane.

CRAZY. anyways, I called 911 and gave them the info (where & what I
saw anyway.) and they were like "what make and model was the car"
Fuck I don't know? I was trying not to hit it, I didn't catch the
tags but I think it mighta been red, or blue, or I don't fucking know
it's the one on the side of the road with a light pole through it's

i am so fucking sick of eisen

It's mind boggling how fast Rich can destroy a professionally cleaned house. I'm never going to forget this dude.

It's like $70 but I only do it the day Rich leaves for business trips to Mass. Otherwise it's not worth a penny. In the 1 1/2 days since he has been back there are about 20 empty beer bottles. 2 wine empties. Seriously our recycling box is hilarious. They come on Tuesday and it's filled to the top on Tuesday night due to a backlog of empties. They would literally have to come every other day. About 100 cigg butts. Luggage emptied and thrown all over the place. 4 Amazon boxes that were waiting for him when he got back opened and tossed around including Styrofoam shit. DVD's all over the floor. 3-4 dirty plates laying around with rotting food. 3-4 large dirty pots and pans in the sink. Dirty cups everywhere. A knocked over broken seasoning bottle dumped all over the kitchen floor. Dumped over coffee grinds. Coffee beans dumped everywhere Granted the cat (his cat not mine which is well behaved) does all the knocking over and breaking of shit in the kitchen but he leaves things on the counter day after day and never learns from it. Coffee spills and rings everywhere. Melted ice cream left out on counter over night He does this with the milk all the time too because he sprints to the fridge and back due to WoW. The great part is he doesn't eat ice cream or drink milk he is just moving my shit out of the way to get to his sauce and forgets to put it back. Stove topped fucked from mac and cheese making again due to WoW he forgets he is cooking and it overflows everywhere. This along with the destroyed pots and pans happens a couple times a week now. Sadly he doesn't order pizza anymore.

I've never seen him eat a fruit or a vegetable.

(This is the cat)

in response to a reader's e-mail (you know who you are lol), some advice...

I went through the same thing when i was at school except i started martial arts at the age of 4 but hated to fight. I got picked on everyday because i was chunky until i just couldnt take it anymore. I agree you should try and find a peaceful way out but if you cant (and sometimes you cant) fight him dirty! Dont let him land the first punch, use the element of surprise and hit him first, kick through his knee. If that fails atack vital areas liek eyes, ears, throat and groin. No boxer no matter how tough they are can handle you sticking your finger in his eye or tearing off his ear! The last thing a buly thinks you will do is hit him first. Dont rely on technique in this situation, he already trains and even if you start now he already has more experience, if you rely on technique his might be better so rely on your instinct. If you cant avoid it, hurt him so he wets his pants for the rest of his life when he thinks of you! Give him one from me too! haha

Friday, March 16, 2007

to love

River Wolf was a restless teenager in suburban Las Vegas who loved gangster movies and acting cool. Nobody could imagine he wanted to murder his best friend and bury him in the desert.

River Wolf had been a bit of a goth in junior high school and had a lot of black clothes, but now he wore black every day, dressing in an undertaker's uniform of clean, neat black shirts and slacks. He was quiet but arrogant, too good for this school, bragging that his shoes cost $250, pouring hot coffee into a glass of ice water to make an iced coffee at Denny's. He said he wanted to change his name to "Ghost Rider," or at least get a fake ID that said as much.

River Wolf was the last to appear. He looked thin and his mouth had a grim set to it. He had an uncut, light-growth beard that made him look something like a survivalist, and his voice has taken on a heavy drawl so menacing it almost sounded Southern. He drummed his fingers on the table. "It's nothing like you see in the movies in here," he said. "It sucks. It's boring. There's a lot of homeless people. They strip-search you. They don't let you smoke. I always saw that shot in movies: guard walking by, phone off the hook, hand coming out of the bars with a cigarette. Nope."

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

a series of pops

“I was eating cherry pie with my mother-in-law on the 26th floor and then what sounded like a string of firecrackers rang out and someone came running downstairs and said, ‘A person is being shot outside” said River Wolf, 20. “I saw a cop on his knees with no hat on and soon people started talking about a dead cop. I tried to calm everybody down. I told some of my jokes. You know, you got to go on with it.”


Monday, March 12, 2007

this cat is so otm!!!

General Singing Techniques

The head is erect without stiffness; the spine straight, not slumped; the chest moderately elevated and the feet firmly and squarely placed so that the entire body is buoyantly supported.

With the chest already elevated, with respiration there is comparatively little or no movement in the upper chest and shoulders. Expansive rib action surrounds the entire chest, especially toward the lower and middle back rib, while the diaphram and abdominal walls remain flexible and vital.

Relaxation is defined as freedom for action, a sate of balance, equilibrium, or readiness to perform. It is not limpness nor inertia.... It must be understood that the skills necessary for good singing call for the most delicate balance and interplay of muscular adjustments in and around the larynx, neck, tongue, and mouth; adjustments which often change with great rapidity in the act of singing.

The vibratory activity of voice encompasses many structures, muscles, bones, ligaments, and cavities of the body all at once and, in a sense, the entire human body maybe regarded as a complex resonator of voice.... The absence of constriction of local muscular efforts with the resultant feeling of complete freedom assures proper coordination of all parts of the vocal tract with maximum resonance and vocal quality.

Registration in singing refers to the "change" or "break" in vocal quality that occurs when the vocal cords readjust themselves for pitches of faster of slower frequencies (higher or lower pitches). Most singers who have not benefited from formal vocal training will experience a noticeable change in quality when they reach a certain point in tessitura (range) of the voice while singing a scale passage. This "lift" in the voice marks the point where the low (chest) voice ends and the high (head) voice begins. The sensation of the register change, which can fluctuate according to the intensity of the tone or the form of the vowel used in a vocal exercise or musical phrase, normally occurs somewhere in the area just above the pitch of the speaking voice.

Diction in its complete sense, means not only the clear, beautiful, sensitive and intelligible communication of language, but the whole technique and art of the song-text delivery, i.e., word emphasis or stress, emotional color, nuance, continuity of the phrase line, etc.

Vowels are the vehicles of voice and, as such, they are resonated throughout all the resonating areas. The position of the tongue and shape of the mouth are contributing factors in vowel formation.

Consonants are formed in the mouth area by movements of the lips, tongue and the palate. Such movements should not in any disturb the freedom of the throat for tone production.


Friday, March 9, 2007

friday nite's alright...for gettin drunk!! lolz


Knurdness is the opposite of being drunk; not sober, but as far from sober as drunkenness, except in the opposite direction. It strips away all the illusion, all the comforting pink fog in which people normally spend their lives, and lets them see and think clearly for the first time ever. This, needless to say, is a very traumatic experience though it sometimes leads to important discoveries. Those seeking to treat drunkenness by having the sufferer drink Klatchian coffee should take care, lest they send him too far the other way - through sobriety and out the other side.

Also, Samuel Vimes, one of the Discworld's most notable characters, is sometimes referred to as being constantly knurd and two drinks short of actual sobriety, which at least partially accounts for his depressive nature and tendency towards alcoholism—he started out looking for a cure to knurdness. It is also noted in the instance where Vimes gets knurd, that most people who ever get knurd make sure never to get knurd again.

Knurd written in reverse also spells "drunk".

Thursday, March 8, 2007





I've been around the CSI Miami block long enough to know that it doesn't get any better than when Caruso is wearing his sunglasses with the wind in his hair and his hands on his hips/gun holster

dilemmas :\

I'm a 46-year-old unmarried Caucasian man. I live alone with my three cats, whom I love dearly. My friends always pick on me because I love cats but haven't managed to find a person who shares this love with me. Sometimes I feel very alone, although I have my cats. I feel like my friends are talking about me behind my back all the time! I'm very content with my current lack of love, but I sometimes worry that my friends aren't. They are all happily married with children. I feel as though I'm left out of everything since I haven't gotten married and had kids. Because of this, I'm thinking of adopting an African baby. Although I feel that I would love this child as much as I love my cats, sometimes I wonder if the only reason I'm considering adopting is to fit in with my friends. What should I do?

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hi my name is oprah: beep... beep... beep... yay!

i have a secret... you get a car and you get a car etc...

im going back, getting in touch with my roots...

i am the cosmos

Every night I tell myself,
"I am the cosmos,
I am the wind"
But that don't get you back again

Just when I was starting to feel okay
You're on the phone
I never wanna be alone

Never wanna be alone
I hate to have to take you home
Wanted too much to say no, no,
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Never wanna be alone
I hate to have to take you home
Want you too much to say no, no
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah

My feeling's always happening
Something I couldn't hide
I can't confide
Don't know what's going on inside

So every night I tell myself
"I am the cosmos,
I am the wind"
But that don't get you back again

I'd really like to see you again
I really wanna see you again
I'd really like to see you again
I really wanna see you again
I'd really like to see you again
I really wanna see you again
I never wanna see you again
Really wanna see you again


Tuesday, March 6, 2007


i used to sit in church when i was little and think about how easy it would be to stand up and shout obscenities loud enough for the whole church to hear and then i would get scared i was going to do it if i didn't stop thinking about it so i would stare at the jesus on the cross until the thought left me. later i dated sad-looking boys with prominent ribcages and said dreadful things to them.


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Friday, March 2, 2007


that guys is crazy!


goodbye jakey jean, from the young man in the 22nd row, who sees u as something more then sexuals

The year 1998 was important for Plummer. He threw for 3,737 yards and 17 touchdowns, but was intercepted 20 times. The Cardinals were 6-7 before winning their final 3 games by a total of 8 points, all in dramatic fashion, to clinch the franchise's first playoff birth since 1982. He then led the Cardinals to their first playoff victory since 1947, 20-6 at Texas Stadium against the Dallas Cowboys. Plummer's ability to lead the team to victory in these close games certainly gave credence to the "Snake" nickname. Also named as a Pro Bowl Alternate.

The year 1999 was an injury-plagued season for Plummer. He suffered a sprained thumb in the second preseason game, broke his finger midway through the season and had nagging hip and groin problems as well. These injuries were partly the reason why he had a bad year; 2,111 passing yards, nine touchdown passes and 24 interceptions for a 50.8 passer rating. He finished 4-8 as a starter and the Cardinals went 6-10 to finish 4th in the NFC East and out of the playoffs.

In 2000, Plummer continued his passing woes from the 1999 season, having slightly better numbers (2,946 yards, 21 interceptions, 66.0 quarterback rating), and reached 10,000 career passing yards in only his 47th career start. In 14 starts he compiled a 3-11 record and the Cardinals finished 3-13 and in last place in the NFC East.

The year 2001 just happened to be Plummer's best season in the NFL at that point in his career. He was one of two quarterbacks to take every snap for his team (Kerry Collins was the other), and he passed for 3,653 yards, 18 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He had a stretch of 142 consecutive pass attempts without throwing an interception until January 6, 2002, when he threw an interception to rookie Redskin linebacker Antonio Pierce. He led the NFL in fourth-quarter passing yards in 2001 (1,227) and led the Cardinals to a 7-9 record and a 4th place in the NFC East.

Plummer's last season with the Cardinals was in 2002. Again, his passing marks were rather poor (53.6 passer rating, 2,972 yards, 18 touchdowns and 20 interceptions), but he passed the 15,000 yard passing yards mark for his career against the San Diego Chargers on September 22.

Plummer signed as a free agent with the Denver Broncos in 2003, replacing Brian Griese as the starting quarterback. With the guidance of the Broncos's head coach Mike Shanahan, he had his best season as an NFL quarterback to that point. Controversially, in the first game of the season he pretended to have a concussion to mask a shoulder injury. He finished the season with a career high 91.2 rating. He had the longest run by a Broncos QB on Monday Night Football, 40 yards against the Oakland Raiders. He led them to a wild card playoff berth where they were beaten by the Indianapolis Colts 41-10 at the RCA Dome.

2004 was a roller coaster ride for Plummer. One of his closest friends and former teammates Pat Tillman was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan. Plummer wanted to honor his memory by putting a number 40 decal on his helmet. The NFL didn't see eye to eye with Plummer on this issue and went back and forth on whether or not Plummer would take off the decal. He eventually did and took the fine the NFL gave him and encouraged everyone to give to the Pat Tillman foundation. Along with matching or surpassing some of former Broncos QB John Elway's passing records (including the most passing yards and tying for the most touchdown passes in the season), he also threw for 20 interceptions, and was seen giving an obscene gesture to the fans in one game. He led the Broncos to a second straight wild card playoff berth at Indianapolis against the Colts where they were again soundly beaten, 49-24.

On November 27, 2006, after a lackluster performance throughout the regular season, and directly following back to back losses to the San Diego Chargers and Kansas City Chiefs, Broncos Head Coach Mike Shanahan announced that Plummer would be replaced as starting quarterback by rookie Jay Cutler.[1] The decision has been met with mixed reactions by sports analysts and fans alike and has been the catalyst for much speculation regarding Plummer's future with the Denver Broncos. Soon after the 2006 season came to a close, Plummer announced that he will not be returning to the Denver Broncos[citation needed]. On March 2, 2007 The Denver Broncos and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers agreed on a trade that sent Plummer to Tampa in exchange for a fourth round draft pick [2]. Plummer is retiring instead of accepting the trade.


ps mikey says "sup"

lol @ brian eno fridayz in the office!!!1



rainy friday ;_; blog roundup :)

chiasma crossed has some great new thought for us - thank u i will think that over!

over on loast spoliers all the rumors point to charlie finally slaying the ass cobra and making it his wife!

Du kanske är en blog proves that yes fins can game the wii with the best of em - thats just racist!

Traditional Chinese Martial Arts has the scoop on a great new karate chops!!! HIAYA MOTHERFUCKER!


my old friends gable and moorr gear up for the big tourney! i hope you guys have your brackets all filled up!

Linhas & agulhas get all sparkley and heartz and stuff - blood diamonds bros :D

you'll never walk alone
is having some difficulties - haha chill out homie it's just a lil salsa in the vadge!

i'm gonna throw a cd so hard at thom yorke that i hope his eye pops all the way out of his stupid, stupid head

Do I look or sound like the kind of person who has any patience for navel-gazing electro-emo sub-prog rock bullshit from a nasally british twat? I barely have the time of day to know who bob dylan even is. I sure as hell am not going to spend any more minutes of my life on that crap (several minutes already wasted by that cartoon video from back whenever ok computer first came out) when actual real music with decent beats and yelling and positive sexual messages is out there waiting around. Creep is a pretty good song for people who like to identify themselves as being that guy with the dyed hair and bad posture who feels alienated all the time on purpose. Other than that fuck Radiohead, they wouldn't even know how to start destroying music if music murdered everything they ever loved.

I guess I'm saying Thom Yorke is a noodly dweeb who seems to go out of his way to make sure everybody knows he got picked on a lot at school. And I don't care to hear about it.

i buyed these to put on me in my new indoor flagfootball league mikey shanahans is my best friend

Thursday, March 1, 2007

wankette r u STUPID???

I'm serious. How did the significance of the BBC report of WTC7 manage to escape you?

You almost completely overlook the fact that the building not only was reported to have collapsed while it was still standing, but that it actually then DID collapse.

What do you make of this "coincidence"?

Did you not notice that no OTHER buildings were falsely reported and CONFIRMED to have collapsed...let alone one that actually then DID???

I can't believe you could report this the way you did.

You should be forbidden to blog if you truly are this stupid or naive.


i am a spelling bee champ



Although I despise Paris Hilton, one of the reasons is not that she might have herpes. Approximately 1 out of every 5 people in the US has genital herpes. It is extremely common and stigmatizing it - or stigmatizing people who may hav it as dirty - only makes the situation worse because it keeps this disease hidden. I know you have enough things to say about Paris without stigmatizing her for potentially having an STD.


In the most recent Playboy there is an interview with Simon what's-his-face. I scanned it, and he basically talks about how he thinks what's-her-name that won a while back (she's mousy and has a strong voice) put out better music than Bob Dylan. What?!?!?! I don't think I'll ever buy a Bob Dylan CD, but while you can't understand what he's saying, at least he's a real poet and musician.

He also admits that AI is about image and selling a product. I knew from the beginning that this would not be a show that even began to really be about music, so I'm really surprised that anyone is shocked over this latest development. I've never even seen more than 2 minutes of the show (I was at someone else's house), but I knew enough about it to know I'd avoid it even if I could pick up Fox on my rabbit ears (ABC is all that matters to me, because they air Lost). Mainstream music has always been about image. Folks, you should know that all Simon cares about is how many houses he can buy and fix up. That's in the article, too. Music is real estate to him. He has no soul, and neither do the people who watch the show, so don't be surprised when that Antonella Barba bitch isn't kicked off.


girl u said u were on the pill. i am done with gin from now on. this is the second time this week i got some bad news like this and it's fuckin with my relationship with brit. sorry, char, but this is the last straw. i gotta do my own thing from now on.